Wealth Maximization Account

Wealth Maximization Account Kresgeville PA

Are you searching for a way to enhance your financial legacy? Consider opening a wealth maximization account at the Kresgeville, PA office of IBC Global Inc. We can help you create a banking spreadsheet, craft an insurance policy design, and many more services, such as velocity banking.

However, you may be wondering what the whole life insurance is and how it ties into wealth maximization. With whole life insurance, an individual uses the dividends in their life insurance plan as a personal bank, allowing them to take better control of their cash flow insurance. As a result, it lets individuals act as their own bankers, and at IBC Global Inc, we can help you with the process whether you live in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, or countless other locations.

Retirement Cash Flow Portfolio

A notable advantage of creating a wealth maximization account at our Kresgeville, PA headquarters is that we can help with your retirement cash flow insurance portfolio. The cash flow index is a process that allows individuals to score their loans efficiently. In doing so, people can target their most inefficient loans and pay them off first to enhance their loan repayment process. This detail is especially important for those beginning their retirement, as their cash flow index will shift during the changes in their spending and income.

Paid-Up Additions Dividend Option

When you decide to start a wealth maximization account at our Kresgeville, PA office, you will have the choice to purchase supplementary whole life insurance coverage using your policy’s dividends. These are known as a paid-up additions dividend option, and they are able to compound more dividends as time progresses, increasing the value of your account. As a result, the paid up-additional insurance will help benefit your financial legacy and can be an integral aspect of your life insurance banking. To learn more about establishing paid-up additional insurance, contact IBC Global Inc today.

770 Investment Account and 770 Retirement Planning

Another component you should be aware of when opening up a wealth maximization account from Kresgeville, PA, is section 7702 of the IRS tax code. This portion outlines what the federal government considers as a genuine life insurance contract, which Americans from New York to California must abide by the detailed regulations. The 770 investment account was named after section 7702, as the account is a whole life insurance banking policy that is structured for cash value. Therefore, individuals can ask their privatized banking company to create a 770 retirement planning account for them. By doing so, you can lay the groundwork for your wealth maximization account from our Kregesville, PA headquarters.

Although our headquarters is located in Kresgeville, Pennsylvania, we provide our privatized banking services in numerous locations, such as:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • New York
  • Texas
  • And many more, including locations in Canada

To begin your velocity banking, insurance policy design, or cash value whole life insurance, reach out to IBC Global Inc today.