Case Studies

Case Studies on Cash Value Life Insurance

0 Years Old - Newborn - Case Study

25 Years Old - Car & Real Estate Purchase - Case Study

60 Year Old Male - Funding a Policy With a 401(k) - Case Study

How a 75 YR Old Purchased a High Cash Value Policy

38-Year-Old Dentist owns 23 Offices! $100k / yr

$1,000,000 MORE in Cash Value with Our Company - Case Study: 60 YR Old Male

HOW To Choose a Policy for Maximum Cash Value!

Don't Get Taken Advantage of With Whole Life Insurance!

(The NUMBERS) CEO of a Software Company Puts in $1 MILLION Lump Sum!

600k Lump Sum - Most Efficient Method To Fund A Policy?

Using a Whole Life Policy to Plan for COLLEGE!

See How This Couple Uses Whole Life for a College Fund

About IBC Global

Our mission is to provide transparency around whole life insurance and how the cash value works. We work with individuals, small businesses, and banks interested in high cash value life insurance. Our goal is to help our clients select the right insurance company, maximize cash value, and provide white glove service when they use their policy.