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Our mission is to provide transparency around whole life insurance and how the cash value works. We work with individuals, small businesses, and banks interested in high cash value life insurance. Our goal is to help our clients select the right insurance company, maximize cash value, and provide white glove service when they use their policy.

Do you want a whole life policy set up for maximum cash value?

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How Does Whole Life Insurance Work?

Understand the basics of how the cash value works, how to maximize it, and how loans work.  

How the Wealthy use cash value life insurance

Why do Wealthy Individuals use Cash Value Life Insurance? In short, it is a safe area they can position money, leverage like a line of credit, and the death benefit can be help with leaving a legacy.

Whole Life for Business Owners​

Business Owners: Whether you own a business with 1 employee, or have 100 employees, Whole Life insurance can work for your company. See case studies for small businesses, large companies, and how banks use cash value life insurance.

Whole Life for Real Estate Investors

See case studies on how they use policies to enhance their real estate portfolio and what questions you should be asking an agent.

Whole Life Case Studies

Want to see what others are doing? Watch an abundance of case studies.

Companies & Products

What Insurance Company should you choose? We always recommend companies that have a track record of delivering strong real results. Other factors such as funding flexibility, loan treatment, and guarantees

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