Why Does it Make Sense?

  • It’s TAX FREE!
  • As long as everything is set up properly and we don’t trigger a taxable event.
  • You continue to earn interest even if you have an outstanding loan against the policy.
  • The insurance company will continue to pay out dividends even when you take a loan from the policy.
  • It’s flexible!
  • Although there will be a premium amount to pay in order to cover your insurance expense, you can put in extra money that will go into your cash value. This can be any amount you want and, depending on the company, you can add this money whenever you want to!
  • You are also not stuck paying into the policy for the rest of your life. You can actually choose to make contributions for only 5 years if you want.
  • YOU have control!
  • You have access to your cash at any time.
  • Guaranteed rates and dividends!
  • If you are working with one of the 4 Major Mutual companies (Mass Mutual, Guardian, New York Life, Northwestern Mutual), you will benefit from the highest returns. These companies don’t just project these high returns, but they actually pay them!
  • It doesn’t count against your Social Security benefits!
  • It can act like a savings account, but WAY better!
  • Even if the death benefit is not your priority, having this protection for your loved ones is not a downside!

Compare it to other financial options:

Bottom Line: The cash growth inside your life insurance can become a solid core component of your strategy.