How Corporations Use The IBC?

We primarily recommend the 4 Major Mutual companies. They are not recommended by many brokers due to paying low commissions compared to other companies, but they have a track record of producing strong cash value policies for consumers. This is not to state that other companies are “bad,” but we have proof of performance from these 4 Major Mutuals while others have not disclosed any historical performance to us.

2022 Dividends

  • 6.00% Mass Mutual
  • 5.65% Guardian Life
  • 5.75% NYL (6.00% in
  • 5.00% Northwestern Mutual

Here are vital signs reports that include several companies including some of the Major Mutuals:

  • Vital Signs Report & Company Financials
  • See below for dividend history for Guardian Life and Mass Mutual Companies

The factor that often refines your decision-making process regarding the company, aside from their financials, is policy flexibility. How do you use a policy as a flexible savings asset instead of a fixed lifelong bill? (Hint: Use one of the 4 Major Mutual companies!)