Agent Consulting


What You Receive:

One-on-one meeting with Steve Parisi.
– The entirety of the call will be recorded and provided to you.

    • Full-day session (8 hours) – $10,000.00 on Zoom |  $14,000 in-person.
    • Half-day session (4 hours) – $6,000.00 on Zoom | $10,000 in person.


What You Receive:

– Direct support from Steve Parisi.
– Monthly 90-minute meeting with Steve.
– Access to direct email communication with Steve.
Guidance with client communication, including the review of emails and other written exchanges.
– How to increase customer retention and agent/agency revenue.
– Aid with complex problems.
Client support: You can discuss clients with Steve. Steve will not meet with the client but will help prepare you for your meeting.  

Illustration Support:
  • Steve will personally design policies and provide recommendations.
    This service extends to up to 12 total clients that Steve will illustrate personally. If you have more than 12 clients and would like policy design support, IBC Global’s design team may assist in ensuring all illustrations are prepared promptly. 
Case Support:
    • Steve will assist you with researching guidelines for the insurance carrier you are applying with.
    • This support covers application submissions, cover letter drafting, and moving the case through underwriting.
  • 100% commission and ownership of policies and clients
    • Neither ILS nor Steve will receive any portion of your commissions. You retain 100% of first-year & renewal commissions.
  • Content Creation (Video)
    • Steve will provide coaching on how to create effective video content.
    • Monthly retainer: $5,000.00
    • Annual retainer: $50,000.00


What You Receive:

– 90-Minute Zoom call with Steve Parisi.
– Ask Steve anything: Recap of call, action plan, confidentiality, advice about your business, etc.

    • 90-minutes: $1,500.00

Call: 610-681-2655     or     Email: