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Whole Life Insurance is a product that has been around for a long time. Some people love it, and some people hate it. We have found that whole life insurance policies produce high cash value for consumers if two things are consistent: company selection and policy design. History has proven one thing to be consistent with whole life insurance. Individuals and corporations that want maximum cash value have the following:

    • A whole life policy with one of the 4 major mutual companies.
    • A whole life policy set up with a minimum premium.

A whole life policy with the these two things will result in:

    • Your cash value growing by 3-5% (tax-free). This is the net growth after all insurance expenses.
    • You continuing to see 3-5% compounding on your money, regardless of whether it is in the policy or if you borrow against it!

You can use your compounding cash value as a means of financing instead of going to banks and lenders for capital. You do not need to qualify for loans—interest is paid to the insurance company, and payments are optional.

*Cash Values may be accessed tax-free. However, the cash value in a life insurance policy may be taxable in certain situations. We recommend that you consult with an agent or your tax advisor for more information. None of the above is tax advice.

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How Do The Wealthy Use Whole Life Insurance?
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Although the wealthy do use whole life insurance, they’re mainly interested in it for the cash value. Learn how the rich, banks, and corporations use cash value life insurance and how you can do the same thing. This video walks through a case of how an ultra-wealthy couple and a bank set up a policy. We walk through what they did and how anyone with any money can accomplish the same thing. Interested? Our whole life insurance agency can help.

Why Do Real Estate Investors Use Whole Life Insurance?
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Real estate investors have successfully used whole life insurance as a means to enhance their real estate portfolio. The main reasons why are:

  • The cash value in a policy is a Safe, Liquid, & Tax-Free area to position cash.
  • They may access their cash value or leverage it with a bank for an attractive interest rate.
  • They do not need to wait on banks to approve loans and constantly deal with underwriting.
  • The money is always compounding at 3-5%.
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How Do Engineers Use Cash Value Life Insurance?
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Our whole life insurance company specializes in working with engineers, data scientists, financial analysts, CPAs, CFOs, IT professionals, whole life insurance experts and agents, and anyone who enjoys the numbers and wants to understand how to maximize the cash value & death benefit of a policy. We aim to make a policy as transparent as possible. If you’re interested, we can help you, no matter if you’re from Florida, New York, or somewhere in between!

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While our headquarters are located in Kresgeville, Pennsylvania, we can be your insurance company selection in several other states, including California, Georgia, Texas, Florida, New York, and numerous other locations! We‘re also to become your whole life insurance company selection in Canada and other locations, so contact IBC Global Inc to learn more about where we can lend our support as a whole life insurance agency. The Best Whole Life Insurance From California to Georgia and Texas in between, IBC Global Inc is one of the best cash value life insurance companies available. Our whole life insurance experts are on call to assist your needs and help you understand how our whole life insurance company operates.

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