Life Insurance Policy Loans

How Interest Works on Life Insurance Loans 

Interest on life insurance loans accrues at  daily, or at  annual simple interest. Let’s break this down…  We’ll start with annual simple interest. If one takes a life insurance loan out, the insurance company will charge simple interest for an annual term. Then we have the

Borrow From Life Insurance

How Much Money Can I Borrow From A Life Insurance Policy?

This question comes up frequently. If we are taking a life insurance policy out for cash value, it is common to ask, “How much money do I have access to?”  You’ll typically have access to 90-100% of your cash value. Different

Life Insurance Policy

When Can I Take a Loan From a Life Insurance Policy?

Loans typically can be taken from a life insurance policy at anytime.  With that said, it is always important to check the insurance company you are considering, as some companies do not allow loans to be taken in the first

Infinite Banking Concept

All About The Infinite Banking Concept & Cash Value Life Insurance

This article is meant to highlight the basics of both the Infinite Banking Concept & Cash Value Life Insurance.   The Infinite Banking Concept was created by Nelson R. Nash. His book, “Becoming Your Own Banker,” teaches one how to use a dividend-paying